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QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat
QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat
QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat
  • QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat
  • QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat
  • QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat

QDRAIN Triaxiality Earthwork Mat

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    Количество минимального заказа: 1000 Square Meter
    Срок поставки: 20 дней

Базовая информация

Модель: Geonet

Color: Green, Black

Brand Name: BOYA

Place Of Origin:: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Certifications: ISO9001

Material: High-density Polye

Additional Info

Подробности Упаковки: as request

производительность: 10000square meter per week

марка: BOYA

транспорт: Ocean,Land,Air

Место происхождения: China

Способность поставки: 1000square meter per day

Сертификаты : ISO9001:2000

Порт: Ningbo,Qingdao,Shanghai

Описание продукта

3D geomat

3D geomat is also called Three dimensional Geomat, 3D geomat, triaxiality net mat, QDRAIN, 3D geonet, 3D earthwork mat planting grass, 3D vegetation geonet , Three dimentional vegetative cove, Three-dimensional vegetation network, and Grass Paver Grid, 3d waterstop control geonet, erosion control mat, Geomat For Landscape, geomat for slope protection, grass planting and slope construction geomat, Earthwork support geomat.

Three Dimensional Geomat
Grass Paver Grid
is a new type of earthwork synthetic material which is suit
able for soil and water conservation. 3D vegetation geonet can effectively prevent soil erosion and increase the green area and improve the ecological environment.

Three-dimensional earthwork mat is a kind of three-dimensional mesh fabric made of polymer composites. The texture of the earthwork mat is loose and pliable, with 90% of the space to fill the soil and sand, and the root system of the plant can grow through the mat. The grass skin that grows hind makes net cushion, grass skin, soil surface firm together. The root system of plants can be reached under the surface of 30-50cm, thus forming a solid green composite protective layer.

Triaxiality Net Mat

Grass Paving Grids Technical Parameter:









 Unit Weight≥(g/ m 2 )










Tensile Strength≥(kN/m)








1.Alternative concrete, asphalt, slab stone and other slope protection materials, mainly used for highway, railway, river, embankment, slope and other slope protection.

2.The soil can be protected from wind and rain before it grows up

3.The compound protection layer formed after the plant grows can withstand high water level, and hurried water flow.

4.The cost of the project can be greatly reduced, and the cost is only 1/7 of the concrete protection slope and the slope of dry masonry, and 1/8 of the slurry masonry stone.

5.Due to high polymer materials and UV anti-stabilizer, it has high chemical stability and no pollution to the environment.

6.The construction is simple, after the surface level is flat, can be constructed.

Three-dimensional earthwork mat


1. When construction can use small bamboo pole or small stick to wear in the whole coil net cushion, spread out to pull out stick, surround with bamboo nail, wooden nail or plastic nail, the nail distance is 30cm, each square meter 10 nails.

2. The length of nails is generally 15cm (from the ground), and the loose surface should lengthen the length of nails. When laying in the high slope, the length of the nails used should be longer than the length of the nail in the lower slope.

3. The topographic mutation or the terrain is more complicated, should be careful to keep the net pad level, and to increase the nail density.

4. Attention lap.The lap length is 2cm, the connecting pin should be nailed in, the density of the nail should double, and the upper layer of the lap joint should be close, without leaving the gap.

5. In the shape of the nail, the upper end of the nail should be greater than 2 times the diameter of the mesh, so that it can also have a vertical suppression effect.

6. Seed sowing depth should be according to the soil information, adjust measures to local conditions, grass should choose to suit the local climate conditions, root length, and rich grass seed, have long roots of perennial small shrubs in between is better.

7. Grass seed seeding depth should be in the mat, so as to enhance the effectiveness of the compound protection layer.

8. After seeding, the topsoil cover should be covered by covering the net.Don't expose the mat to the sun. However, it is important to take care of the seed germination and growth.

9. After seeding, the water content of the upper layer should be 40 to 50%.It is pressurized on top surface to help seed germination.

10.When the net mat is laid at the top of the slope, the vertical joint of the net cushion should be 60 degrees and buried 30cm in the soil. Bottom should be over 50 cm level, because of the side slope engineering of the water content was much lower than the lower layer, is not conducive to seed germination, gauze pad should be in the 20 cm suitable holding open a ditch, top place for irrigation.

11.The timing is the key to the whole project (when used on the slope), usually in the first three to four months before the rainy season. Let the turf have some time.


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